16-20 September 2019
University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Future Astronomical Opportunities in Stratosphere and Space

Thursday, September 19, 14:00-18:30

Room: Pfaffenwaldring 9, room 9.41

Philipp Maier (IRS, U. Stuttgart)
Bernhard Schulz (DSI, U. Stuttgart)
Lars Hanke (U. Tübingen)

The goal of this splinter meeting is to evaluate the status and the future development of air- and spaceborne astronomy, particularly in Germany, and to offer a forum for corresponding exchange and discussions. The meeting especially welcomes representatives of all projects and efforts that overcome atmospheric limitations by leaving the ground, be they planned or currently active. Examples include the space missions PLATO, FIRI, Athena, and Gaia, or the airborne mission SOFIA.

A special focus of the meeting also lies on balloon-borne astronomy, which has become increasingly popular again in Europe and worldwide over the last 10 to 15 years, but is missing institutionalized support in Europe.  In this regard, the meeting also aims at bringing together members of the European astronomical community with either experience or interest in balloon-borne observations, with a focus on discussing science cases and ideas for future missions as well as potential joint efforts to advance balloon-borne astronomy in Germany and Europe.


Part I

14:00-15:00 Stefan Jordan Gaia’s star catalogues - A giant leap for astrophysics
14:25-14:45 Arne Rau The Athena X-ray Observatory
14:45-15:00 Poster Authors PICO Session

15:10-15:50: Coffee Break & Poster Session (Foyer of Pfaffenwaldring 47)

Part II

15:50-16:10 Iris Traulsen Exploring the deep and variable X-ray sky: The source catalogue from overlapping XMM-Newton observations
16:10-16:30 Guido Fuchs High resolution infrared observations towards late-type stars - Opportunities and Challenges
16:30-16:50 Philipp Maier A new advent for balloon-borne astronomy?
16:50-17:10 Andreas Lagg Sunrise-3: a close-up view of the Sun from a stratospheric balloon
17:10-17:30 Mark Pearce Hard X-ray polarimetry from a stabilised balloon-borne platform
17:30-17:50 Lars Hanke Ultraviolet Detector Development and Application


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Ruth Titz-Weider PLATO
Andreas Pahler STUDIO: A first step towards a stratospheric balloon observatory
Annie Hughes PILOT: First Results and Inflight Performance
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