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Sep 16 – 20, 2019
University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
Europe/Berlin timezone


During the AG2019, we will have the award ceremony of the following prizes:


Karl-Schwarzschild Medal 2018

  • Andrzej Udalski (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Karl-Schwarzschild Medal 2019

  • Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden University)

Ludwig-Biermann Prize 2018

  • Else Starkenburg (AIP, Potsdam)


Ludwig-Biermann Prize 2019

  • Eduardo Banados (MPIA, Heidelberg)

PhD Prize 2018

  • Pablo Marchant (U. Bonn)


PhD Prize 2019

  • Oliver Friedrich (University of Cambridge)
  • Tim Lichtenberg (University of Oxford)

Astrophysical Software Award 2018

  • Volker Springel (MPA, Garching)


Instrument Development Award 2019

  • Erik Hoeg, Lennart Lindegren, Michael Perryman

Bruno H. Bürgel Award 2019

  • Johannes V. Feitzinger
  • Dieter B. Herrmann

Hanno und Ruth Roelin Award

  • Sybille Anderl