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Sep 16 – 20, 2019
University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Leonberg (German)

Johannes Kepler – from Latin Student in Leonberg to Imperial Court Mathematician

During this city tour, the mathematician Hans-Joachim Albinus visits the different locations that are connected to Kepler's childhood and youth as well as with his family. Some of these locations are the Kepler residence at the marketplace, the former German and Latin schoon (now the city museum) and Vogt's residence.

The astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) lived during a time of upheaval. The Renaissance marked the beginning of a transition from a theological explanation of the world to scientific understanding based on experimentation, observation, and measurements. In addition to his considerable contributions to mathematics and physics, Kepler was essential to the foundation of modern astronomy. His work is particularly significant given the turbulence of his time: Reformation, Counter-Reformation, The Thirty Years' War, and witch hunts. In addition, Kepler's life was overshadowed by constant money troubles as well as sickness and death in his family.

Date: Wednesday, 18.09.2019
Time: 15:30
Meeting place: The well at the market place in Leonberg
Order of events: Particiapnts travel to Leonberg on their own (http://www.vvs.de), tour through Leonberg (about 1.5 hours), return to Stuttgart
Language: German
Minimum number of participants: keine
Maximum number of participants: 35
Expected costs: About 10.00 Euro for public transportation. A 4.00 Euro participation fee will be collected at the location.

Registration: Please send an email with the subject "Leonberg" to ag2019social@dsi.uni-stuttgart.de.
Registration deadline: 01.09.2019