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Sep 16 – 20, 2019
University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
Europe/Berlin timezone


The poster sessions (together with coffee breaks) take place in the Campus Vaihingen of the University of Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 47, Foyer, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany. 


Name Title
SCHOBERT, Benjamin
The impact of accretion heating and thermal conduction on the dead zone of protoplanetary disks
Mixing Length Estimates for Gravitational Turbulence
Chemistry in Disks: modeling the substructure of circumstellar disks
IWANEK, Patryk
12 660 spotted stars towards the OGLE Galactic bulge fields
WRONA, Marcin
Overview of the OGLE Collection of Variable Stars
VALLIAPPAN, Senthamizh Pavai
Historical sunspot observations constraining the dynamo behind the solar cycle
The dawn of Complex Organic Molecules: the case of L1544
STANKE, Thomas
How do stars form around Super Star Clusters? A survey for massive cloud cores around the NGC 3603 starburst cluster
BECK, Andre
SOFIA/FIFI-LS Observations of the Starburst Galaxy NGC 253
LATZKO, Serina T.
Observations of the Starburst Galaxy M82 with SOFIA/FIFI-LS
BLANK, Marvin Say NIHAO to Black Holes
STEINWANDEL, Ulrich On the importance of the compact wave solution in magnetohydrodynamical shocks
STEINWANDEL, Ulrich Resonant Drag Instabilities: Consequences for the atmospheres of AGB-stars
HUGHES, Annie PILOT: First Results and Inflight Performance
PAHLER, Andreas
STUDIO: A first step towards a stratospheric balloon observatory
PAWAR, T. Variability in the light curves of hot subdwarfs
MAKAN, Kirill
Probing HeII reionization at z > 3.4 with resolved HeII Lyman-Alpha forest spectra.
RAZA, Belal
Improving CARMENES Radial Velocity Estimations
KÖNIG, Lorenzo
Eclipsing Binaries in the Orion OB1 Association
HØG, Erik Gaia Successor with International Participation
HUGHES, Annie COPILOT: C+ Observations of the ISM with PILOT
TEMI, Pasquale SOFIA at Full Operation Capability: Technical Performance