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Sep 16 – 20, 2019
University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Code of Conduct

German Astronomical Society Code of Conduct

As an association for scientists in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics as well as friends of astronomy, the German Astronomical Society (AG) serves to support science, research and the exchange of scientific ideas and knowledge, in accordance with its statutes. In accordance with the principle of equal participation, all members should be free to take part in scientific exchange regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, worldview, disability, age or sexual identity. No member should be disadvantaged, feel they are in danger, or be subject to harassment or repression because of these reasons or others.

The members of the German Astronomical Society are obliged to conduct themselves respectfully and professionally at all times whilst working with the AG governing bodies (the general assembly, executive committee and the Council of German Observatories); in working groups and committees; as well as at AG events. In particular, participants of the AG annual meetings, including any scientific and social activities associated with the meetings, are obliged to abide by these rules.

The term harassment is defined as derogatory or offensive statements, sexualised representations, deliberate intimidation, stalking, persecution, unwanted photography, filming or recording, repeated disturbance of presentations and other events, unwanted bodily contact and unwanted sexual attention.

Members and conference participants who violate these rules, continue to behave inappropriately despite warnings or deliberately make false accusations about harassment will be disciplined accordingly by the event organiser or the AG executive committee.

Sanctions can range from a warning of suspension from the conference to a ban from future conferences and expulsion from the AG.

The organisers of AG meetings are obliged to adopt these principles as the code of conduct for their conference and to appoint contact persons who will follow up reports of discrimination. Alongside the conference organisers, the members of the AG executive committee can also be contacted about problems in relation to inappropriate behavior.

(Agreed at 89th members’ assembly of the astronomical society in Bochum 2016.)


IAU Code of Conduct (pdf)