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Sep 16 – 20, 2019
University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Solar activity


Tuesday, September 17, 14:00-16:45

Room: 9.12

Thomas Wiegelmann (Goettingen)
Hardi Peter (Goettingen)
Jesper Schou (Goettingen)
Rolf Schlichenmaier (Freiburg)
Bernhard Kliem (Potsdam)
Alexander Warmuth (Potsdam)
Bernd Heber (Kiel)

Aim of the meeting is to study the magnetic activity of the Sun from the solar interior through the photosphere and atmosphere into the heliosphere. We aim to bring together experts in observation, theory and modelling and invite the submission of abstracts for talks and posters regarding the topics:

  • Solar dynamo and helioseismology

  • Measuring and modelling solar magnetic fields in the photosphere, chromosphere, corona and heliosphere

  • Eruptive phenomena -- flares, filaments, coronal mass ejections, jets

  • Heating of the upper solar atmosphere

  • Acceleration and evolution of the solar wind

  • Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs)


Splinter:  Solar activity
Time: Tuesday, September 17, 14:00-17:00
Room: 9.12

 Oral Session-I: Solar interior and Photosphere

   14:00-14:30 Schunker, Hannah: Constraints on the Origin of Solar Active Regions  [invited review talk]

   14:30-14:45 Roth, Markus: Helioseismology of the Solar Dynamo

   14:45-15:15 Borrero, Juan Manuel: Photospheric magnetic fields: recent developments and future prospects  [invited review talk]

Coffee break + Poster session

   Poster: Valliappan, Senthamizh Pavai: Historical sunspot observations constraining the dynamo behind the solar cycle

Oral Session-II: Solar Chromosphere and Corona

15:45-16:15 Chitta, Pradeep: Recent progress in solar chromospheric and coronal physics  [invited review talk]

16:15-16:30 Zhu, Xiaoshuai: Test magnetohydrostatic extrapolations with a radiative MHD simulation of a flare

16:30-16:45 Barra, Stephan: FitCoPI: fitting density and temperature of coronal active region plasma in 3D

Invited talks are 25 min + 5 min discussion,
Contributed talks 12 min + 3 min discussion.
We would like to finish the Splinter by 16:45
to avoid a conflict with the AG-membership meeting starting at 17:00

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Valliappan, Senthamizh Pavai - Historical sunspot observations constraining the dynamo behind the solar cycle