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July 31, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

How to write a good SOFIA proposal - Tutorial

How to write a good SOFIA proposal - Tutorial (pdf)

Hans Zinnecker


check before submitting your proposal (by Hans Zinnecker):

1. What is the question that we are trying to answer (a key issue in the big picture)
2. How can we hope to answer the question with SOFIA, and only SOFIA
3. Details of the proposed observations (instrument, convincing feasibility, S/N)  
4. Required ancilliary data (and possible synergies with other facilities, eg JWST)
5. Limitations, eg. In the case of FIFI-LS observations, why is it ok to sacrifice
   high spectral resolution and hence dynamical information (ie. why not GREAT?)
6. In the case of a risky proposal, say what we would learn from a null result ...