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Bernd Husemann
Max Planck Institute für Astronomie

Understanding [CII] excitation mechansims in low-redshift AGN host galaxies

The [CII] emission has been used extensively to obtain spatially resolved information on high-redshift galaxies with ALMA in particular galaxies with luminous active galactic nuclei (AGN). The interpretation of the [CII] line as a cold gas tracer is hampered by the limited understanding of [CII] excitation mechanisms based on low-redshift observation in particular for luminous AGN given their rare occurance at low redshifts. I will present recent results from SOFIA on a sample of low-redshift luminous AGN revealing an unexpected [CII] excess due to radio-jet driven outflows in one of the galaxies. Current progress is certainly limited by observing capabilities in the FIR. Hence, I will briefly discuss how the proposed FIFI-LS upgrade would significantly help to make progress for such extra-galactic science cases.