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Ekta Sharma
Indian Institute of Astrophysics

Dynamics of the gas in hub-filament complex L1172/1174

The regions around massive star tend to get effected due to the radiation field from the star. It is important to study the effect of radiation on the surrounding dust and the cold molecular gas to understand the physics behind the formation of structures due to stellar feedback. To get a complete picture of the dynamical state of the gas around massive star and the formation of cold structures, a kinematical study is required. In this regard, we made an attempt to study the velocity structure of hub- filament shaped cloud L1172/L1174 and the gas properties using 12CO, C18O, and N2H+(J=1-0), CS (2-1) lines using 14-m single dish telescope at Taeduk Radio Astronomical Observatory (TRAO) . In this talk, I will present the results from molecular line observations of the gas surrounding HD 200775. The kinematics of the gas will be complimented with the dust continum to understand the feedback from the star on its environment. I will also discuss the morphology, dynamical state of the filaments and clumps in detail.