2-4 May 2018
DSI, Universität Stuttgart
Europe/Berlin timezone


Wednesday, 2nd of May 2018
12:00-13:00    Arrival, Registration  
13:00-13:10    Welcome (IRS Director, Stefanos Fasoulas)
13:10-13:30    Welcome and Logistics (DSI Director, Alfred Krabbe)
I Session: Far InfraRed and Submillimetre Astrophysics
13:30-14:25    FIR/submm Astrophysics - overview (Harold Yorke)
14:25-15:10    FIR/submm Spectroscopy (Harold Yorke)
15:10-16:05    FIR/submm Polarimetry (Sebastian Wolf)
16:05-16:35    Coffee Break
16:35-17:30    FIR/submm Instruments & Observatories (Hans Zinnecker)
II Session: SOFIA – Introduction
17:30-17:50    SOFIA Basics (Kimberly Ennico Smith)               
17:50-18:20    SOFIA Recent Results (B-G Andersson)
18:20-18:50    SOFIA Status & Schedule (William T. Reach)   
18:50-19:10    Education and Public Outreach (Dörte Mehlert)
19:10-21:00    Reception
Thursday, 3rd of May 2018
III Session: SOFIA – Instruments and Developments
08:30-08:40    Welcome back & Announcements (if any)
08:40-09:00    SOFIA Science Capabilities and Instruments (Bernhard Schulz)
09:00-09:55    EXES (William T. Reach)  
09:55-10:25    Coffee Break
10:25-11:05    FPI+ (Jürgen Wolf)   
11:05-11:45    FORCAST (Bernhard Schulz)
11:45-13:05    Lunch Break
13:05-14:20    GREAT (Rolf Güsten)
14:20-15:35    HAWC+ (B-G Andersson)
15:35              Group Picture
15:35-16:15    Coffee Break
16:15-17:30    FIFI-LS (Sebastian Colditz & Christian Fischer)
17:30-18:00    Next Generation Instruments (Kimberly Ennico-Smith)
IV Session: Cycle 7 Call for Proposals
18:00-19:00    Call for Proposal Cycle 7 (Harold Yorke)
19:00-19:30    Student proposal Program (Clemens Plank)
Friday, 4th of May 2018
V Session: Tutorials in proposal writing and data reduction
08:30-08:40    Welcome back & Announcements (if any)
08:40-09:40    Tools for proposal development (William T. Reach)
09:40-10:10    Coffee Break  
10:10-11:40    Tutorial in proposal writing (Hans Zinnecker)
11:40-13:10    HAWC+ Tutorial (B-G Andersson)
13:10-14:20    Pizza
14:20-15:50    GREAT Tutorial (Volker Ossenkopf-Okada)
15:50-17:20    FIFI-LS Tutorial (Christian Fischer & William Vacca)  
17:20               End of Workshop
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